Thursday, January 9, 2014


In April of 2012, our family moved just outside of San Francisco.  We loved it there. We loved the weather, the sites, the ocean, and most of all our friends.  What we didn't love was the cost of living. To say it is expensive is a damnormous (shout out to Evelyn!) understatement.  In May of 2013, our landlords (who lived in the other half of our duplex) gave us a notice telling us that we had 30 days to leave because her parents were moving into our house.  We searched and searched for another place to live in the area. There was nothing.  Seriously, there were about 3 listings that came up for less than $2,200 (not a typo) a month. All of them were about 700 sq/ft methlabs.  One listing that was $1,800 when we looked the previous year had jumped up to $2,400. Yikes. We decided that it must be time for a change, so Jonny looked into transferring at work.

Long story short, we ended up moving to Huntington Beach when I was 8 months pregnant.  We liked Southern California. It was slightly cheaper, warmer, and closer to the ocean. We didn't, however, love it.  (* I did love my neighbor Mibi who was loud and funny and would give the shirt off her back to anyone who needed it). We felt really rushed into our decision, Jonny didn't like his job, blah blah blah.

Flash forward to September.  Jonny and I were talking about putting roots down somewhere and revisited our 5 year plan, which was to eventually get back to Idaho. Losing my mom really flipped a switch  in me. Living in a big city, away from family, and moving up the corporate ladder really lost its luster.  We wanted to move somewhere where we could actually afford to put our kids in different activities, go to concerts and plays, and not spend $2,000 to rent a shoebox!

So our 5 year plan was bumped up 4 years and 49 weeks.  Jonny quit his job, we packed up, and headed to Idaho.  Due to boring to read/ write about circumstances, we ended up in Twin Falls for a little longer than expected (thanks to Dad and Nan for letting us crash in your basement!!), but now we are finally here in BOISE!!

We are all unpacked, Jonny is looking/interviewing for jobs, and we are starting to explore the city.  We love it already! Boise really seems to have a lot to offer.  It's a great sized city for us. We can't wait to make friends and get more settled in.

And here are some cute pics to leave you with. I hate pictureless posts:

Meeting Mickey- he talks now... it's crazy

Oh, just heading to Dumbledore's office

Eyeing my Mickey cake pop

Sleeping beauty

Scarlett's cousin Beck- best of friends, worst of enemies

Matching Christmas jammies

Hogwarts Express


Team Jensen said...

Oh Tracie! How wonderful for your family!!

Sophie said...

Fun to see your little family trace. I always tell Ty I want to raise our family in Boise. He laughs, but I'm still working on it. Hopefully we'll come join you eventually.

Megan Jo Eddie said...

I love your blog soooooo much! What cute babies you have. Scarlett is a mini you! So beautiful!!!! I'm a blogger too, if you want to check it out.